Unleash your power for growth, innovative thinking and leadership. Explore our retreats and workshops below, or try any module of our 19-module Certificate Program in the Business of Meetings & Events.

“My experience as an event designer and producer helps me understand team dynamics—and how to create a space offering ‘permission to play’ with critical thinking based on your strategic vision and goals. You can utilize your creative mindset for maximum performance and solutioning.” —Dianne Devitt

Creative Leadership Retreats for Executive-Level Women

Called to Lead Our retreats for executive women center around the book, Called to Lead: Success Strategies for Women, the result of a collaboration with 17+ women including Pegine Echevarria and Dianne Devitt. The retreats include time for introspection and interaction, and exercises in professional development:

Welcome Gathering Introductions Personal Missions Recreation and Well-Being Tours Training by Leading Business Coaches Introspection and Interaction Commitment Circle

Detailed information will be forthcoming for upcoming retreats and events. Please sign up for announcements and updates to our calendar.

The Creative Circle Forum

Calling all accomplished women in hospitality, events, travel, incentives and exhibitions with 20+ years of experience! Your mastermind group is here—for your success.

Step into The Creative Circle—an exclusive mastermind group for professional women who have mastered the art of balancing risk, hard work, and the stress of true, authentic leadership in our industries.

Develop professionally through personal growth Provide and receive constructive feedback Grow within a trusted community


The Event Academy for Design Thinking • EIC-Approved
Merging Strategy and Creative for Business Outcomes

As marketing or event industry professionals, we all want great ideas for our events, but how do we spark creativity and put it to work?

Color Your Event Based on decades of experience, I wrote What Color Is Your Event? The Industry Resource on How to Think and Plan Creatively, taught at New York University and developed industry-approved work- shops designed to stimulate and inspire.

We will look at the power of well-planned, well-designed, and well-executed events to energize people and make a difference.

Create a Culture of Creative Collaboration

Businesses, companies, and managers constantly reach for innovative ways to provide cutting-edge solutions for employees, staff, customers and potential clients.

Need new ideas? You’ve come to the right place, as “No Idea Is Out of Reach.” We help people, teams and companies think differently to uncover and reach their true potential!

If you would like to discuss the many options for creative or leadership training for women in your company, team or association, please contact me directly.

Creative leaders establish a safe and supportive environment that allows free-flowing interaction and engagement. —Dianne Devitt

Thank you for the inspiring workshop. This woke up the creative side of my brain and gave me several ideas on how to incorporate concepts throughout all aspects of events. Loved it! —Director of Meetings & Events, California Chamber of Commerce

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