Color Your Event


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Color Your Event

Learn the communication value of live experiences through events and meetings. This book provides a refreshing and unique perspective on their correlation to advertising and public relations, and the relationship among these fields, to increase the efficacy of a business message.

The book gives a distinct perspective on the creative elements used to make these messages come alive like an effective print ad or public relations campaign through color, food, music, entertainment, and other components.

There is an important focus on the importance of themes as connectors to tell the story and tips on how to develop plans that can be used from senior management to the aspiring event student.

Called to Lead


Success Strategies for Women

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Dianne collaborated with 17 women, led by Pegine Ech­e­var­ria, on this guide and mentoring book. Each chapter presents an individual perspective and actionable insights on the skills needed to thrive as a leader. Topics include:

  • Your calling to lead
  • Tools for the mind shift to succeed as a leader
  • Strategies to have it all from thrivers who did it all
  • How to leverage your influence to make changes in the world
  • Tips to investing in your natural leadership calling so that you
    • Manage more complex issues
    • Have a more abundant, exhilarating life
    • Still, be at peace, refreshed, and happy
    • Be confident and effective following your calling

As a transitioning veteran, and a professional with managerial experience leading in male-dominated industries, I’m constantly seeking advice from other experienced women leaders.

Called to Lead is an invaluable resource for me. The action steps in this book provide realistic and inspiring advice, and make it stand out from other resources.

This book empowers me and my team, enhances my organization, and paves the way for new, innovative, forward-thinking leaders.”

— Danielle V., MIT Graduate, U.S. Military Officer, Corporate leader

Called to Lead


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